Spruce up Your Rishikesh Trip with Ganga River Rafting

Explore best offers on white water rafting in Rishikesh at Broadview Camp & Adventure. Book Now the best Rishikesh rafting packages offering the best of inclusions designed to pamper you on your Rishikesh trip.

Ganga rafting in Rishikesh has gained steady popularity in the last few years with adventure enthusiasts from India and abroad flocking to the town for a taste of what it has to offer. The rising demand for the sport has naturally led to the growth of several rafting tour operators in Rishikesh. It’s important to partner with the right company to have a good experience. Broadview Camp & Adventure is the best river rafting company in Rishikesh with 8 years of expert experience in the region and knowledge of the sport. Our staff of highly-trained instructors accompany you on each tour and give you a detailed brief about safety guidelines at the start of your trip.

We provide all imported rafting equipment like paddles, life jackets, helmets and Clean fresh smelling wetsuit and splash jacket in winter time. We also provide transport to and from the starting point of the trip. So, the next time you’re in Rishikesh and looking for an adventure, make sure you book with us for an adrenaline rush like no other!

Rafting Packages in Rishikesh with Cost wise

Brahmpuri Rafting

Brahmpuri rafting is 9km River Rafting which is start from Brahmpuri point to Neembeach Ram Jhula.

Rs 600 /- Per Head
1-2 Hours
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Shivpuri Rafting

Shivpuri Rafting is 16 km River Rafting which is start from Shivpuri point to Neembeach Ram Jhula.

Rs 1000/- Per head
2-3 Hours
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Mrine Drive Rafting

Mrine Drive Rafting is 26 km River Rafting which is start from Mrine Drive point to Neembeach Ram Jhula.

Rs 1500/- Per head
3+ Hours
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Our Ganga river rafting trip from Kaudiyala is a half-day trip covering mostly grade III and III+ rapids. This covers a 35-kilometre stretch usually over a span of 4-5 hours on the water. The full stretch of this trip is covered only when the river is running relatively high and needs a group of at least six people. On the Kaudiyala rafting trip you can encounter 12 rapids including Daniel’s Dip (III+), Three Blind Mice (III+), Cross Fire (III), Roller Coaster (III+), Golf Course (III+), and Club House (III). There is a Grade IV rapid on this stretch called The Wall, which can be a bit of a flipper at times meaning, it can cause the raft to capsize. However, this poses no real danger especially with our trained safety instructors on board who are prepared to deal with any such accidents.

The Marine Drive trip is another good route for Ganga rafting in Rishikesh. This 26-kilometre trip is run almost every day and covers ten Grade III and III+ rapids. It usually takes 2-3 hours to complete this trip, although in the winter months of December and January it can take between 3-4 hours. For a last-minute plan, this is a great trip to join.

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